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Today is a beautiful day…

Today is a beautiful day, and so is every day.

You see, I recently suffered a serious and unexpected illness – a rare type of heart attack called Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD).

I have never been a person to take things for granted, and have always been grateful for the blessings in my life, but this experience has brought into sharp focus what it is that really matters to me and what I am prepared to give up to protect that.  I face a long and slow recovery and will have to live my life a little differently now but the things that really matter are unchanged. Most importantly I need to be well to look after my young family. And so I have decided that I will spend the next however long focusing on my health and being there for my kids.  My photography needs to sit on the back burner for a while. How long that will be, I just don’t know. So I have decided to close my business for the time being. My website will shortly disappear although you will still be able to contact me at my email:   or my mobile:   0413 099 063

With love

Sandy x

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Lucy rooming-in with me in hospital






Just after Christmas we were blessed with another baby.

Her name is Lucy.  We are completely in love with her.

She is keeping me very busy, so this blog will be neglected for a while longer while I focus on our family.

Best wishes for the New Year.

Sandy xx

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A moment in time

I find pregnancy to be such a special time and as this is my last baby I felt very strongly that I wanted a beautiful record of it to always remind me of this time in my life.

I am always preaching to everyone else about the value of beautiful family photography but I very rarely find myself on the other side of the camera. In fact, I only have a handful of snaps of my first 2 pregnancies, so I decided that this time I would have some professional maternity photos taken.

When it came to choosing a photographer, I knew exactly who I wanted –  Melanie Kellerman. Melanie beautifully photographs both expectant mums and newborns in studio, but it is her outdoor maternity shoots that really spoke to me.  I love the emotive nature of her imagery and the rustic locations she uses. I knew that she would capture the sort of images I would love.

So I recently travelled down to Wollongong for a maternity shoot with her and Melanie has very kindly given me permission to post one of my favourite images here.  I will treasure the images she crafted for me forever.

Sandy xx


Metcalf Family_083

Some personal news…

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I’m having a prop sale

I am having a de-stash. Come on over and grab a bargain. Just click here.


Sugar and Spice [Sydney Newborn Photography]

It is such an honour to be invited back into a clients home to capture the newest addition to their family.
I photographed this little baby girl’s big sister when she was a newborn too, and I was so excited when her mama contacted me to let me know another baby was joining them soon.  I am extremely close to my own sister, so I know what a gift it can be to have a sibling close in age that you can grow up with. It was lovely to spend some time with this beautiful family again.

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Sweet soul [Sydney Newborn Photography]

One sweet little newborn, two gorgeous besotted parents, a beautiful light filled home to photograph in… one happy photographer.


SandyMetcalfMblog2 SandyMetcalfMblog 1


Spring is in the air [Sydney family photography]

In early spring I had the pleasure of spending a morning with this beautiful family who happen to be dear friends of mine.

These two little boys have the sweetest little melt your heart faces and were just so fantastic to photograph.

I loved it when they started climbing the trees. They were having so much fun and the images we captured look almost otherworldly. There are amazing little pockets of beauty everywhere.





Still life project [November]

At the height of spring there are so many flowers to choose from, but there is almost nothing sweeter than a mixed posy of market day blooms.

I am going to really enjoy having this sitting in my kitchen for the week.

Sandy x

Still life project [October]

Hello friends,

I am running a little behind again. Here is my still life image for October, the smiley Gerbera. November will follow soon.


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